Payment Options & Forms.

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Payment of Accounts

We’ll keep you up-to-date with your personalized monthly Statement of Account; either mailed direct to your home or office, or if you prefer by e-mail. Just tell us what’s the most convenient for you.

Methods of Payment

Cash or Cheque
Debit Card
Credit Card

Direct Monthly Debit
Authorization: From your
bank account or
credit card.

On-Line Banking
through most
financial institutions.

Call our Payment Centre at (506) 634-7275 for details.

Equalized Billing Program

Our interest-free equalized billing and payment plan spreads your heating costs over a 10-month period. We estimate what it will cost to heat your house for the upcoming heating season, divide that by 10 equal payments. This eliminates any surprises and protects your household budget. If you owe any extra at the end of the 10-month period, you simply pay in July. If you have a credit, we either refund the amount to you, or you can apply the credit balance to the next heating season.

Let’s look at a home using $3000 worth of fuel a year.

Contact us to setup your Equalized Billing Plan: (506) 634-7275

Payment Terms

Our Payment Terms are Net 30-days from the date of delivery – on approved credit. Unless you ask us to do otherwise, we leave your delivery slip invoice at your door or send it to you by email.

Service Charges on Overdue Account Payments

We charge 2% interest per month on overdue account balances NSF cheques or returned payments will be subject to whatever service fees your financial institution charges plus a $25.00 service charge added to your account.