Avoid failures and break downs
with preventative maintenance.

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We’ll keep your heating system running efficiently with routine maintenance,
keeping your fuel consumption down and reliability up.

How much does maintenance cost? 189.95 + hst per year

What is covered?

Regular Maintenance: Heating System’s annual scheduled maintenance, this is important to the system running efficiently all season long. This Maintenance includes inspection, cleaning, and conditioning to all necessary systems as well as burner adjustment to ensure safe and proper performance.

Emergency Service and Parts Replacement: Park fuels will replace many of the parts often lost to regular wear and tear at no cost to the customer. For a completed list of covered parts review the annual Maintenance Plan.

What isn’t covered?

Maintenance plans do not cover parts damaged by negligence of the customer, flooding or water damage, hot water distribution parts of government or insurance mandated changes or upgrades. For a complete list of what isn’t covered please review the full Maintenance Plan.

How frequently is routine
maintenance performed on the plans?

Maintenance is completed once a year, but if the customer has concerns about the system they can book a follow up appointment at no additional cost.

For more information or to sign up, call (506) 634 7105 or fill out the contact form.

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